September 15, 2005

What eez it man?

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the hell





  • Hard and bonelike
  • Doesn’t dissolve or soften in water
  • Has several spiky looking points

I’ll tell you what it’s not. It’s not supposed to be in a can of chicken noodle soup. Yes, I’m going to call the Campbell Soup Company. Before I contact them, I figured we’d have a little fun with it here first.

Dear Campbell Soup Co:

I recently found something chunky that shouldn’t belong in your Chunky soup. I took a poll on my website, and now think this nubbin is …. We’d like to hear your response.”

I’m leaving comments wide open for a few days at the risk of letting in the comment spammer scumbags. Any comments with a URL will be deleted as usual, unless it has something to do with this mystery.

Take a stab. What the hell?


11 Responses to “What eez it man?”

  1. Kirl Says:

    Prof – Gaaak! A really chunky chicken finger…oh wait, chicken’s don’t have fingers…..I was tempted to put a URL in my post, just so I could be a scumbag! :o) I’m looking forward to the interesting responses as well. Maybe Eddie Lin would eat it!

  2. Alicat Says:

    It sort of reminds me of those billy bob teeth gaurds people get for halloween. Except much more sinister. Eck.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like a Klingon battle cruiser to me.
    you sure it didn’t fall out of your cereal box?

  4. Pam Says:

    Nice Ren Hoek quote!

    It looks like a little dead stiff-as-a-board animal on its back. Hey, maybe it is Ren! Where’s Stimpy?

  5. elmomonster Says:

    OK…I’ll take a swipe or several:

    1. A calcified beak.
    2. A chicken’s kazoo.
    3. A chicken’s prison shank.
    4. A severed claw.
    5. A tumor.

  6. MEalCentric Says:

    hmm…a warped chicken beak? Though I like Elmos suggestion of a chicken’s prison shank.

    OK, so I dont know what it really is, but I’ll tell you what it translates to. A lifetime supply of free Campbells products-gratis. Though, after finding the mystery product in your soup, I dont know whether that is a settlement or more punishment

  7. sarah Says:




    you found that in your soup?!?!?!

    i would be absolutely…i dunno what. petrified? mortified? stupefied? thank GOD you didn’t actually EAT it!!!

  8. hbgrrl Says:

    I know!
    I know!!

    You got the can with the secret surprise inside!!

    Bet you can redeem it for some real cool prizes!!

    And you almost thought it wasn’t s’posed to be there…..

  9. Professor Salt Says:

    How can we solve this mystery? Does someone here know anyone that can slice this in a microtome and drip some hexavalent isochickenbromide to figure out the DNA jibba jabba of this sucka?

    Seriously. I’d like to send this to a lab somewhere. Who personally knows how to get this done?

  10. Sweetnicks Says:

    Ummm …. ewwww!

  11. Coconut Says:

    It looks like a bamboo to me. Did you get in touch with Campbell soup? What did they say? Chunky soup for a year!!!

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