November 8, 2005

BCD Tofu House coming to Irvine

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Heritage Plaza shopping center is adding one more good reason to eat in Irvine. I spied the storefront in the early phases of construction bearing the distinctive orange and green corporate logo of Los Angeles based chain BCD Tofu House. They serve rather good renditions of Korean soontofu, the fiery chili laced stew of soft silky tofu.

The BCD stores are all sparkling clean, cheery places with solidly good food. Some of their shops are open around the clock, a MAJOR bonus for night people like me. I no longer have to schlep to their Garden Grove store for a late night fix. Please, please, let the Irvine store be open 24/7. We can finally go somewhere close to my house that’s not called Denny’s!

They’ll still make the second best soon tofu in Irvine, in my opinion. My favorite place? Working on a story about it for publication. Soon, dear reader, soon, I will reveal it.

BCD Tofu House
14370 Culver Dr.
Irvine, CA 92604

Next to the Sav-On drugstore, Cold Stone Creamery, Phoenix Food Boutique, Wheel of Life all-vegetarian Thai, L&L Hawaiian barbecue, etc. Not that I’m endorsing any of these joints, just helping you locate it in this giant strip mall.

3 Responses to “BCD Tofu House coming to Irvine”

  1. Grace Says:

    Mmm.. BCD! I hope it’s better than the one in Cerritos. When I tried that one, I was unimpressed, but it may have been due to the fact that it had just opened. I always feel a little hesitant about trying newly opened restaurants – too clean to have flavor! LOL. (; I first tried BCD in LA – can’t remember which one – but it was sooo good, and I’m not even a huge fan of soon dooboo! Have you tried Cho Dang in Cerritos? It has a cult following with my friends, and even my mother (who refuses to eat anything other than Korean food, and even when eating it, often exclaims, “Isn’t my food so much tastier?”) admits it’s delicious. I believe the intersection is Norwalk & Artesia. I could be wrong.. but it’s next to a Bank of America.

    Phew! This comment was much longer than I intended it to be. :P

  2. professorsalt Says:

    Restaurant panchan is usually medicore. I don’t doubt your mom’s is better, because most home cooks put a lot more care into their than a restaurant does. Funny, but true. But Cho Dang *is* good, and I really like their panchan very much. Their broth shows care, too. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments.

  3. Dylan Says:

    What a great location. when i was back at uci, there were only TWO places to eat korean food. one is called KOREAN RESTAURANT near Ralph’s on Walnut/Culver. and i forgot the other one by the Caspian Persian cuisine. it was funny cuz i had heard that the latter was almost shut down by the city of Irvine. Apparently, they had a health problem with people sharing the same korean side dishes. So lame. Could you imagine how big of a table would you need to accomodate 6 side dishes for each person. i’d get full just looking at that smorgasbord. Let us know how it is, i’ve only been to the one in K-town.

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