Writing Tricks

How to write an Essay with Five Paragraphs

In both college and high school, many tests are for writing. Writing is not easy, and it creates fear for many students. Even if you are 20 years old, it gets hard, and you feel like giving up. It does not need to stress you to that extent. If you understand the art of writing a five-paragraph essay, it is easy to work for you. Prepare yourself by reading and practicing more often.

Essays that base on Standardized Tests

Before writing an essay, you should know what type you get required to write. You cannot write an essay the way you want and expect it to impress the reader. There are a good number of scripts; persuasive, argumentative, expository, and many more. The kind of essay you are required to write will define your thesis and topic. Standardized essays are most persuasive in a way you will respond to a given question. It requires you to come up with a five-paragraph essay, and your words have to vary from 500 - 800. It has to start with an introduction, main body with three paragraphs together with a conclusion.

First Paragraph: Introduction

This part will bring your topic to light. It is a vital part because it brings direction to the essay. It is the part that will either grab your reader attention or not. Creativity and interest are the main words in this part. The introduction has to describe the idea, develop the statement of the thesis and arguments to provide support to your work. The introduction does not have to contain a lot of details. Remember to keep it short and precise.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th Paragraphs: To support the Details

These are the main body of your essay. These are parts that bring out the details, facts, and quotes of the thesis. The points that you itemized in the introduction use each in every paragraph. Explain them well in a way that the reader can understand. Start by writing a topic sentence to summarize the point, give reasons why your topic sentence is accurate, and provide your evidence. Make sure you use the procedure to write all three paragraphs. Do not make a mistake of leaving anything out.

Fifth Paragraph: Conclusion

This part summarizes the whole essay. It is one of the stiffest paragraphs to come up with. In this section, you should talk about your thesis and explain how the points support the thesis. Do not write or introduce any new things. Write a few sentences when writing your conclusion. Your last sentence should bring out the main idea well.

The Parting Thoughts

In writing your paragraph, make sure you write it as fast as you can. If you are working with time, a complete essay scores more points as compared to an incomplete one. Remember that the reader expects all the parts, so you have to do your best. It is good to re-read your work before handing it. Try as hard as you can to make possible corrections to score more marks. Revise as hard as you can to improve your writing skills and the amount of time you use. Some apps can help with writing and are available at any time. They can help you to prepare yourself for any task. You should know how to write different types of essays because you do not know what to expect.