Writing Tricks

5 good essay writing skills that you can develop overnight

Many students often wonder if they can manage to improve their writing skills within a few days. A few who are conversant with writing some papers should also realize that there is always room for improvement. For you to learn faster, you must have an open mind and commit yourself .The good thing about learning such skills is the fact that no one can take it away from you. So, how do you improve your writing skills overnight? Here are some tricks that can help you improve every time you write your next piece.

  • Understand your reader
  • Understanding your audience goes beyond the basic demographics of age and social class. You must know their fears, aspirations and expectations. A clear understanding of the reader’s perspective will inspire you to write objectively.

  • Understand your objectives
  • You must have clear objective when writing your papers, essays or term papers. Make sure everything is clear to you before you even start. Ask for clarification from your teacher or instructor so that you can be more focused when writing. This will help you write a great piece that will help you achieve your desired results.

  • Use short words and sentences
  • Make sure that your paper is easy to read for the readers. For you to be persuasive, you must be easy to understand without using big vocabulary or jargons. Use short sentences as they help to make your thoughts more compact and less confusing to the reader. Additionally, write shorter paragraphs. Nothing put off readers more than a large block of text without paragraph breaks. Your writing must be easy to skim and scan through.

  • Use active voice
  • Many students fail to understand that passive voice is boring. On the other hand, active voice makes the work interesting and vigorous. What does this means? It means that passive voice is rather backwards and presents the ideas poorly making it difficult for teachers to understand. Use of active voice depicts power and vigor.

  • Proofread your work
  • First write a draft before rewriting the whole piece again. You do not have to pay much attention while writing the draft. After completion, read through the sentences by sentences and make the necessary changes. Edit your work and ensure you have met the objectives.