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How To Choose Humorous Topics For A Compare And Contrast Essay

When you go to a comedy show and listen to different comedians put on a skit you will notice that a large part of the humor within their work is the manner in which they present the material. They may raise or lower their voice, use props, and even body language is available to present a humorous topic. They even have a second chance to get a laugh with a follow on joke if the first effort flops. When completing a humorous topic writing essay you do not have the same options making humor more difficult to convey in the written word.

Here are a few tips for selecting and developing a humorous topic for compare and contrast writing assignments.

Avoid complicating the topic

When you are trying to convey a humorous topic the sure way to make it boring is to overly complicate the writing. People do not read technical journals when they want to laugh, they read the comic pages which are short and precise. When you want a topic to be humorous you must keep it short and to the point so that the reader will quickly see why it was humorous and not have to reread the words multiple times for understanding. If they have to reread a topic it is not humorous and you will have failed in providing a truly humorous topic.

Avoid political issues that could offend

The next step in choosing a humorous topic is to avoid political issues that could be offensive to some readers. While comedians do make jokes on political topics which is a way to draw their audience in to their skit, this does not work the same when you are writing. The written word is permanent and unless you can one hundred percent guarantee that your audience agrees with your political viewpoint it is not advisable to use this method of humor.

Unlikely contrasts for humor

A final tip to choosing a humorous compare and contrast topic is to choose something truly different. For example comparing a tomato to an airplane could provide some level of humor depending on your approach. Choosing dissimilar items to compare and contrast may provide with a humorous piece of writing.

Humor in the written word can be difficult to present but by trying these tips you may find yourself chuckling after your writing is complete.