Writing Tricks

Ways to Write a Short Essay

To many, a short essay is not easy to write. The good thing with long scripts is that you can explain your points well, but with short ones, it is different. It limits you to making a resilient argument because you cannot write to your satisfaction. If you want to nail a short essay, you have to include the vital points and explain them well.

Components of short Essay

Some things are required in coming up with a short essay. Complexity and placement are vital elements in a short script. You should know that if your text is short, then your thesis needs to be short too. If it is a 1 to 2 paragraphs essay, your first sentence should contain the theory. It should be captivating at the same time. If your text is short, the less the time you use. It is good to understand and know the topic you are writing. Do not use more than three pieces of evidence if you have to write 500 words only. If you have to write a few or less paragraphs, you will need only one point as evidence. The supportive points do not need to take much space if your essay is short.

The Topic Sentences

You should put the meaning of an argument from the beginning. Work on your work to avoid any mistakes. Put your message easier for accessibility. Do not place an error in writing it at the final stages of your essay. To make your essay firm, support, and present your work perfectly.

Supporting Evidence

Detest from writing a lot of evidence, try and limit them. Make sure that you have at least one proof to support your work. Simply deal with the most critical points. If it is hard for you to use 1 to 2 sentences, find another way as long as your work makes sense. The topic you choose will determine the explanation you need. Some subjects need lengthy clarification. Remember that this is a short essay, and you require brief descriptions.


It is the main thing in an essay. No matter the length of your text, this should not miss in it. The way you bring out the subjects will be clear to know how creative you are. The way you present your arguments tells a lot about you. It is not the stories you write that give you an admission into college but the way they have impacted your character and also your thinking. If you write any needless point, your essay gets pointless. Go straight to the spot and make sure you are on the right track. The correct points will make your work easy to understand, and you will have all the required points.


This part will also tell a lot about your writing skills. In this part, you include a summary of the main features. Write the impacts of the logic you have written. Your conclusion should take a small section of your work. The way you portray your ending will tell you much about your abilities and word choice. Do not say anything irrelevant. Avoid wasting time here by writing the point that you already did. Do not forget the conclusion part is way more important.