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How To Pick Up Persuasive Essay Topics About School: 10 Brilliant Suggestions

One of the most common essay assignments in school is the persuasive essay. To get a top score on this assignment, students should pick an interesting topic. For brainstorming and thinking of new topics, students should use the following tips.

  1. Read the Textbook
  2. Often, teachers want a subject related to the class. Students can read through the textbook to find some of these examples.

  3. Check Writing Manuals
  4. Some of the writing guides and manuals in the library will include different ideas for writing essays. If students cannot find the writing section, they can always ask their librarian.

  5. Academic Websites
  6. Many colleges and universities will post their best term papers online. Students can read through these examples to learn how to structure an argument or select a topic.

  7. Essay Writing Sites
  8. The Internet is a key resource for students. Custom writing sites and free sites offer examples of hundreds of different writing styles.

  9. Read the Prompt
  10. Before starting any assignment, students should make sure that they have read through the prompt. Often, teachers will include specific topics or guidelines in the writing prompt. If the teacher has provided set topics, these are the ideas that the student should use.

  11. Search for Exact Topics
  12. Instead of looking for a basic academic website or university page, students can search for the general subject and the words “persuasive essay”. The resulting search listings will include a number of different topic examples.

  13. Brainstorm for Ten Minutes
  14. Before writing anything, the student should sit down and brainstorm ideas for ten minutes. They should write down every good or bad idea that pops into their head during this time because they can narrow down the list later on.

  15. Ask the Professor
  16. Teachers have graded thousands of papers during their career. Often, they can direct the student toward the best topic ideas or guide their research. Students can visit their professor during office hours or after school to get help.

  17. Go to the Writing Center
  18. Most universities have a tutoring center or writing center on-site. At this center, students can generally get free help with their homework. From editing the essay to finding a topic idea, the writing center is a key resource for students who need help.

  19. Ask Other Students
  20. In general, every student has to take basic English classes in order to graduate. Due to this, older students will normally have a wealth of essays that they have already written. Students can ask older friends or siblings for examples to get ideas for their own writing.