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Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

Every student should learn to write a meaningful and persuasive essay. It is an integral part of learning in any institution across the world. For you to write a persuasive essay, you need to choose a captivating topic. It is good to write an essay and have strong arguments for it. The way of writing a persuasive essay is like any other. You start with the introduction, main body, and conclusion. Here is a list of persuasive essays than can help:

Persuasive Essay Themes Related to Sports

  1. Can boys and girls participate in the same team for video games?
  2. Role of media in sports life
  3. Between athletes and rock stars, who are better role models?
  4. Should high school and college sports personalities be paid?
  5. Banning of extreme kinds of sports for children
  6. Will the Olympic games are ruined by social media scandals
  7. Football player David Beckham is overrated
  8. Is swimming the harmless and healthiest type of play?
  9. Why is the role of physical education in modern schools underestimated?

Topics on Education

  1. Should schools make classes shorter and frequent?
  2. Importance of decreasing the amount of homework
  3. Parents impact on social education
  4. Exclusion of a subject from the high school program
  5. Social issues students face at college
  6. Do students need longer holidays?
  7. Are gender studies popular in social media?
  8. Rewarding students for high English test scores
  9. Ways to punish school bullying
  10. Abolishment of part of English examinations

Topics about Animals

  1. Protecting a giant panda is crucial. Explain
  2. Are zoos worse than human prisons?
  3. Which one is better, a zoo or a jail?
  4. Should foxes breed into home pets?
  5. Least dangerous animal on the planet
  6. Influence of wild animals on nature
  7. Is hunting for sport acceptable?
  8. Hunting should be illegal
  9. No right to keep wild-caught animals against their will
  10. Changing of clothes preference to avoid wearing fur and leather

Essay Topics for High School

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of wearing school uniform
  2. Is hate crime an issue in school?
  3. Is the current society no longer male-dominated
  4. Impingement of modern internet on adolescents
  5. Is global warming a myth or truth?
  6. Ethical and moral matters of cloning
  7. Should abortions be illegal in every country
  8. The death sentence is punishment in which country?
  9. Should companies pay paternity leave to fathers
  10. Should communication devices be allowed during examinations?

Persuasive Essay Topic about Music

  1. Should percussionists be called professional musicians
  2. Is studying dance better to students or music?
  3. American and British musicians are paid more than artists from the rest of the world
  4. Is investing in your band a good idea?
  5. Is it true that every person with good hearing can sing?
  6. Playing six-string electric guitar is simple than bass guitar
  7. Music can help with the treatment of mental health disorders
  8. Can genres like heavy metal contribute to suicide cases among children?
  9. Is death a major focus in gothic music?

Persuasive Essay Themes Related to Science

  1. Cell phones and health
  2. Allowing law enforcement to apply DNA profiling in criminal investigations
  3. Stop the cloning animals
  4. Marijuana as a medical treatment
  5. Is eating genetically modified food safe?
  6. Do our activities contribute to global warming?